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Espresso from the German Sauerland region

An Espresso machine from the German Sauerland region? Isn’t the “Region of the Thousand Hills” better known for robust medium-size metal works, for solid supplier industries or Christmas tree plantations - thus better known for thin bad coffee than for Caffè Latte?!

And now, even in our latitudes Espresso is enjoyed as much or even more than elsewhere in the meantime. The image of the simple provincial region has faded, and the rank of Southern Westphalia as a dynamic economic region is undisputed - and Graef Company, a company typical for the Sauerland region, has continuously developed into an important brand for cutting devices and kitchen appliances, and in addition has repeatedly been distinguished for its elegant design. Now thus we want to set new standards also in the supply of the Espresso machines!

Tradition and progress Tradition and innovation:

Like so often, the high standing of a company and its innovative force is based on tradition - in this case on the tradition of a continuous expansion of the family enterprise. Graef the Company of Arnsberg, which was founded in 1920 and which has experienced a correspondingly eventful development due to the confusions of contemporary history, has seen an upswing in 1952, thus at the beginning of the “economic miracle”. The second generation of the family of entrepreneurs started developing and producing slicing machines, which became popular and famous quickly as household appliances and later for business enterprises. The demand rose by leaps and bounds; the company expanded - and on an international level Graef slicing machines were successful as well - they became a typical German brand! Increasingly, we here in Arnsberg are dealing with the design of the products and have received numerous awards for the design.


Further development of the product programme

But, we did not want to leave it at the continuous technical further development of several slicing machines, the product programme was expanded by various devices used in the kitchen, i.e. by toasters, coffee grinders, electric kettles, waffle makers, milk frothers and Espresso machines.

Brand of the Century

We can be especially proud of the fact that in 2009 and 2016 a third time in a row Graef was included in the “Brand of the  Century” category, alongside with Daimler Benz, Falke, Melitta and Braun. (Under this label, a high-ranking jury lists the most valued and established German brands for the “Deutsche Standards” publishing house.)

The gem in kitchen

Let’s get back to the Espresso machine. In the meantime, this coffee maker has become a gem in many kitchen counters and offices. The new pleasure in the various forms of coffee - whether it is Latte Macchiato, Caffè Latte, Café Crème, Cappuccino or Espresso, and many others more - makes this automatic unit indispensable for many friends of our most favourite drink. And, we in Arnsberg have established: There are many things to be improved in this sought-after device - in technique, and especially in design! Here you go: here you have the new Espresso machine from Graef in front of you - a real innovation - well no - a small sensation!