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More individuality is not possible! More freshness neither! In Kater’s coffee roasting house, the raw coffee is gently roasted by traditional drum roasting procedures. Kater uses two roasting plants at up to 220 deg. C, and gives the coffee approx. 20 min. time to develop its entire spectrum of aroma. On account of the long roasting time, the coffee is very agreeable because the unwanted chlorogenic acids are “roasted away” mostly.



Espressi and Caffè Crema in perfection. High-quality coffee roasts for enthusiasts of original Italian espressos and Caffè Crema who know what perfect taste is all about. MACAFE deals with coffee out of passion for coffee and the ambition to offer you the best products only. The family has Italian roots and thus the passion for coffee in their blood. From coffee cultivation to coffee roasting, they control the supply chain of their partners, in which they have a stake in. In this way, MACAFE guarantees the best coffee quality at fairly negotiated prices. MACAFE is not only coffee, MACAFE is the art of enjoying.