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Graef Espresso_Catania

GRAEF Coffee Selection Espresso Catania

100 % Arabica

The flavour of this Espresso is intense and its full smooth body is a real sensual pleasure. The outstanding sweetness and a nutty, slightly chocolaty note is enriched by nuances of caramel.

Evaluation: Especially for enthusiasts of low-acid coffee

Article No. 146193 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146192 500 g, whole beans


GRAEF Coffee Selection Espresso Roma

70 % Arabica beans, 30 % Robusta beans

An Espresso mixture of fine, washed South American Arabica, especially from Brazil, as well as Robusta from Vietnam and Indonesia. This Espresso has a smooth crema and is harmonious in taste, strong with a full body.

Evaluation: Full body rich in aroma, slightly nutty aroma

Article No. 146186 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146187 500 g, whole beans


Espresso Caffeine Alarm Clock.jpg

Graef Coffee selection - Espresso Caffeine Alarm Clock

100 % Canephora

A strong espresso with increased caffeine content from Indian Canephora beans!This espresso has a heavy, sweetness with little acidity and a pronounced hazelnut note. The bean produces a hazelnut-colored crema.

Art-Nr. 146459 250 g, whole beans



Graef Coffee Selection - Espresso Roma

100 % Arabica

This exquisite coffee from the São Paulo region in Brazil is mild and has a soft naturally mild taste with the low content of acid. For this reason it is an extremely harmonious, easily digestible coffee which is also ideal for breakfast in the morning.

Evaluation: Mild, soft, low in acid, harmonious, digestible

Article No. 146195 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146194 500 g, whole beans

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macafe classic.jpg

Miscela Classic

70 % Arabica beans, 30 % Robusta beans

Real Italian Espresso made of unmixed roasted beans. With every cup you notice the Central American fire and the passion of Italian baristas; in this way it presents itself powerfully and with a good structure, full-bodied flavour and an excellent crema.

Evaluation: Powerful spicy coffee - excellent crema - medium caffeine content

Suitable for: Perfect for Espresso, very good for Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato

Article No. 145698 1,000 g whole beans

Article No. 145699 250 g whole beans

MACAFE - Miscela Milano.jpg

MACAFE - Miscela Milano

50 % Arabica beans, 50 % Robusta beans

The Northern Italian, with whom you experience the Mediterranean attitude to life with every cup. Mild flavour gives this coffee a very special taste.

Evaluation: Mildly spicy coffee - excellent crema - medium caffeine content

Suitable for: Good for Espresso, perfect for Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato.

Article No. 145702 1,000 g whole beans

Article No. 145703 250 g whole beans