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Graef Coffee Selection - Filterkaffee Excelso.jpg

Graef Coffee Selection - Filterkaffee Excelso

100 % Arabica

Excelso (ideal for preparing filter coffee) is grown in the north of Columbia, the largest cultivation area of the country. It is maintained that the highest quality Columbian coffee comes from this region.

Evaluation: Full body rich in aroma, slightly nutty aroma

Article No. 146186 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146187 500 g, whole beans


Graef Coffee Selection - Filter coffee Verona

100 % Arabica

An Arabica mixture of coffees (ideal for preparing filter coffee) from Peru and Mexico. This fine aromatic coffee is recommendable especially for persons who like their favourite drink pleasantly mild, but expect a full-bodied aroma.

Evaluation: Mild, harmonious, full complex aroma

Article No. 146188 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146189 500 g, whole beans

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Miscela Classic.jpg

Graef Coffee Selection - Miscela Classic

70 % Arabica beans, 30 % Robusta beans

Real Italian Espresso made of unmixed roasted beans. With every cup you notice the Central American fire and the passion of Italian baristas; in this way it presents itself powerfully and with a good structure, full-bodied flavour and an excellent crema.

Ideal after the meal - or simply for pleasure in-between.

Evaluation: Powerful spicy coffee - excellent crema - medium caffeine content

Suitable for: Perfect for Espresso, very good for Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato

Article No. 145698 1,000 g whole beans

Article No. 145699 250 g whole beans