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Coffee - prepared by yourself

Hand brewing station

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Back to the origins. Brewing coffee like at the times before coffee machines. This is a new trend in the world of enjoyment of coffee enthusiasts. For some time already “Pour over” has been used to describe the hand brewing process getting more and more popular. The coffee lovers take their time for their passion. 21 First of all, they seek their own high-quality coffee beans or continuously try one kind after the other from the large offer of the many cultivation areas and several roasting processes. Then the beans are ground freshly and gently. The best pouring-over method is chosen with an ideal brewing time and water temperature of 90 deg. C to 96 deg. C taking the water quality into consideration, for example the hardness of water - everything to ensure the preservation, increase and intensification of the aroma.

Slowly but surely this so seductive coffee aroma spreads out in the room and prepares for the pleasure of the first test, the first sip, the first cup - like wine drinkers the first cup is inspected by looking and smelling before sipping. A whim? May well be. After all, there are easier and quicker ways.

Many passionate coffee lovers swear to this natural process and also love this time-consuming process of brewing which makes them a little proud of having provided a largerpersonal contribution by personal influence and setting nuances - in short: having made the coffee themselves! For this cult of preparing our favourite drink - coffee - Graef has the right equipment as well...

Electric kettle with temperature setting - especially for filter coffee

 Wasserkocher WK501 Hauptabbildung Graef 

Electric kettle WK 501 - 1 litres 

Wasserkocher WK701 Hauptabbildung Graef

Electric kettle WK 701 - 1,5 litres 

Wasserkocher WK900 Hauptabbildung Graef

Electric kettle WK 900 - 1,5 litres 







Wasserkocher WK501 Hauptabbildung Graef

Electric kettle WK 502 - 1 litres 

Wasserkocher WK702 Hauptabbildung Graef

Electric kettle WK 702 - 1,5 litres 

Wasserkocher WK902 Hauptabbildung Graef

Electric kettle WK 902 - 1,2 litres Double-walled stainless steel housing


Coffee beans for filter coffee



Miscela Crema
80 % Arabica beans, 20 % Robusta beans

Article No. 145700 1.000 g whole beans

Article No. 145701 250 g whole beans

A harmonious composition of choice Arabica beans from Central America refined by Robusta beans for a unique taste experience. Ideal for every connoisseur of long coffee with excellent crema.

Evaluation: Full taste - excellent crema - medium caffeine content

Suitable for: Very good for breakfast or Swiss Schümli Espresso coffee.



Graef Filterkaffee Excelso 500g ArtNr 146187 Kaffeebohnen

GRAEF Coffee Selection

Filterkaffee Excelso
100 % Arabica

Article No. 146186 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146187 500 g, whole beans

Excelso (ideal for preparing filter coffee) is grown in the north of Columbia, the largest cultivation area of the country. It is maintained that the highest quality Columbian coffee comes from this region.

Evaluation: Full body rich in aroma, slightly nutty aroma

Graef Filterkaffee Verona 500g ArtNr 146189 Kaffeebohnen

GRAEF Coffee Selection

Filterkaffee Verona
100 % Arabica

Article No. 146188 250 g, whole beans

Article No. 146189 500 g, whole beans

An Arabica mixture of coffees (ideal for preparing filter coffee) from Peru and Mexico. This fine aromatic coffee is recommendable especially for persons who like their favourite drink pleasantly mild, but expect a full-bodied aroma.

Evaluation: Mild, harmonious, full complex aroma


Bruehstation Drip station single 146448

Brewing station „Drip Station Single“

Article No. 146448

  • For freshly brewed filter coffee by hand
  • Brewing station for filter coffee
  • Made of aluminium with removable
  • Drip tray

Tiamo Kaffeefilter Classica 146452

Tiamo coffee filter „Classica“

Article No. 146452

  • For freshly brewed filter coffee by hand
  • Porcelain filter, brown
  • For 2 - 4 cups
  • Curved grooves for even extraction
  • For customary paper filter

Aufbruehkanne Precisa 146449

Brewing pot „Precisa“

Article No. 146449

  • For freshly brewed filter coffee by hand
  • Filling volume 650 ml
  • Stainless steel polished, with lid
  • Curved outlet for high accuracy